Donations in 2020 were made by the Gusto Construction team to a recipient of their choice. The staff have carefully chosen who their donation was awarded to based on their impact on their community and what was meaningful to them.

After plentiful donations in 2020, Gusto Group expanded their hand and are now offering the opportunity to all Gusto Homes staff members to donate £500 to organisations of their choice in 2021, which have a positive impact on their local community. In addition to this expansion, residents of Gusto Homes developments will also be offered a £500 donation sum to accelerate the growth of local communities further in 2021.

As the founding year of the Gusto Community Fund, Gusto Group donated over £12,000 in funding for local projects in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

The Gusto Community Fund is administered by the Collingham Community Trust and is uniquely distributed through the nominations of recent buyers of a new Gusto Home, and the nominations of the Gusto Construction employees who helped to build them.

Organisations that have received funding in 2020