Donations Made By Woodlands Edge Residents In 2021

In addition to these contributions, residents of community developments design and built by Gusto Construction have been awarded their own money to donate to local communities such as Welton FiSH, Nettleham Woodland Trust and Veg-Out Lincoln.

  • Welton FiSH
    £1,000 Donated
  • Veg Out Community project
    £500 Donated
  • Dravet Syndrome UK
    £500 Donated
  • Pelican Trust
    £500 Donated
  • Nettleham Woodland Trust
    £500 donated
  • Springline Rector's Mission Trust
    £500 donated

As the second consecutive year of the Gusto Community Fund, Gusto Group have made over £36,000 of donation to charities, and associations within their community.

A significant portion of the donations are made by members of the Gusto Construction team, who seize the opportunity to support projects that are meaningful to them. A number of the team have helped to fund projects in Pre-schools, Food-banks, and Community Centres.

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Total donations so far