Dravet Syndrome UK

Woodlands Edge home owners Steve and Judith Flatley, presented their £500 Gusto Community Fund donation to the charity Dravet Syndrome UK.

Dravet Syndrome UK (DSUK) is an independent charity dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by Dravet Syndrome through support, education and medical research. Dravet Syndrome is a devasting and life limiting neurological condition that causes prolonged treatment resistant seizures, learning disability and a spectrum of associated conditions, such as autism, ADHD, challenging behaviour and difficulties with walking, speech, sleep and feeding. Children and adults with Dravet Syndrome require 24/7 care and are rarely able to live independently. At DSUK, we support families affected by Dravet Syndrome emotionally, practically and financially and raise awareness and understanding of Dravet Syndrome, improve its management, work towards better outcomes and to hopefully one day find a cure.