Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Lincolnshire wildlife park is one of the UK’s premier animal sanctuaries, highlighting the joys of offering long term sanctuary to animals from all over Europe. The Park is set in over 25 aces and is home to the National Parrot Sanctuary and the National Turtle Sanctuary which provide a forever home to over 1000 parrots and 200 turtles and is also home to UK’s largest collection of Bengal tigers plus Meerkats, Lemurs, Giant tortoises, Tapir, Puma, Panther, Otters and White Lions.

Ross West says – “For me nominating to Lincolnshire wildlife park was a great opportunity to help such an amazing place that does fantastic work. It is somewhere that my 2 children love to visit as well as my two nieces. Steve and the whole team at Lincs wildlife are doing amazing work and I can’t wait to go back again.”