Reepham Pre-School

Gusto Construction Contracts Manager, Sam Smith, presented his £500 Gusto Community Fund donation to Reepham Pre-School. Sam’s daughters attend Reepham Pre-school as did Sam as a child!!

Hannah Bosworth, who deals with the fundraising for Reepham Pre-School, advised ‘We are a lovely little committee led charity Pre-School. Everything we do is child focused to provide the best outcome for our Pre-Schoolers. We always aim to enrich little lives through play and positivity. The Gusto Community Fund donation is so gratefully received for our Pre-School and will be used for a new sensory garden and outdoor space.

We have been lucky enough to have been able to use some extra land in the church grounds where Pre-school is situated. We are planning out and developing a sensory garden for our Pre-schoolers. We are hoping it will help them to experience lots of different sensory activities and to be a calm place for them to play, plant and grow flowers, to relax in and anything else they’d like to do with their space. As we are a charity Pre-school, we rely heavily on kind donations and regularly fundraise within our community. As our Pre-school is within a church, it’s also a place the community can enjoy when we are not using it; so, it will offer lots of positives and benefits to all ages in and around the village.’