Veg Out Community Project

Sue Jarrett, presented her £500 Gusto Community Fund donation to the Veg Out Community Project.

The ‘Veg Out Community Project’ is the community support strand of the Veg Out business. Over the last 6 months Veg Out have been providing nutritionally balanced plant-based recipe boxes for local families who have been struggling financially. Veg Out are primarily focused on the education aspect of nutrition development and want to encourage families to feel more confident in their own kitchen by providing the tools and guidance needed to create something themselves.

The Veg Out Community Project was developed as a result of conversations with local food banks who mentioned that so many people send canned pulses/chickpea/beans etc back to the food bank as they weren’t sure what to do with them. Veg Out wanted to provide something more sustainable to support the improvement of nutrition in the local areas and to squash the myth that you need to spend lots of money to eat well. THEN the light bulb moment happened and the ‘Store Cupboard Recipe Boxes’ were the result – the perfect hybrid of the regular ‘Veg Out’ recipe box and a food bank parcel. Fully plant based, a clear focus on whole foods and vegetables as well as engaging activities for the children to help them to get ‘hands-on’ with ingredients too.

Veg Out Community Project have also received two more donations from Woodlands Edge home owners.